Shopping for Eyewear at Rivet & Sway

Recently, I realized that just wearing drugstore readers wasn’t going to be good enough as my eyesight was getting fuzzier and fuzzier. With a new Rx in hand from my optometrist, I went to Rivet & Sway’s new online eyeglass store for new frames. I buy food, clothes and shoes online so had no issues with picking out new frames.  Selecting new frames is sometimes more of a chore than anything else but after my skype call with Ritzy the Rivet & Sway online stylist I was confident I was in good hands. She helped me to select 3 frames that fit my face shape and complexion and had them sent to my apartment for me to try on at home in 2 days. I invited all of my girlfriends over for drinks to help me choose the best style. Their frames all have cute names like the Hungry Heart, Poetic License and the Spitfire.  I finally selected the “Punch Line “ for myself. Three days later I had my new frames that looked great and I could finally see clearly again!

Shopping for prescription eyewear
Eyewear from Rivet & Sway

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